WASPI gains political support

Ian Blackford MP
Ian Blackford MP

The Scottish Borders WASPI ((Women Against State Pension Inequality) group co-ordinator Lynne Craighead has welcomed the commitment to their cause by the SNP leader at Westminster.

Lynne, from Burnmouth, was among a group of campaigners who protested outside last week’s Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, calling for a fairer pension deal for women born in the 1950s. Their cause is gaining momentum and this week the SNP’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, called on the Labour Party to unite with the SNP and challenge the Conservative Party to end the injustice caused by the mismanagement of changes to the state pension age.

Jane Cowley, WASPI communications director said: “We welcome Ian Blackford’s commitment to continue to fight for the 3.8 million WASPI women across the country.

“The support from MPs from across the political spectrum, including Conservative, SNP, Labour, Liberal Democrat and DUP Parliamentarians means so much to WASPI women who have been fighting to have their voices heard.

“Our experience at Conservative conference last week showed us that there is also significant support from within the Conservative Party to help WASPI women. We were greatly encouraged by meetings with a number of high-profile MPs, as well as from grassroot Conservatives.

“Now is the time for MPs of all parties to work together to find a solution.”