Volunteers needed to join in a national beach clean-up

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The Marine Conservation Society is running its 24th annual Great British beach clean-up from September 15-18, and is looking for local people to take part.

“Scotland has more of the UK’s coastline than anywhere else,” says Catherine Gemmell, MCS Scotland conservation officer.

“Many communities rely on the cleanliness of beaches for their coastal economy. Beach litter and the problems it causes to both humans and wildlife is a huge issue that we need everyone’s help with; from schools and communities to councillors and MSPs we hope to see everyone helping look after their beach this September.”

During the 2016 Great British Beach Clean event in Scotland, 1,744 volunteers cleaned 121 beaches, picking up, on average, 459 items of litter per 100km they cleaned. Plastic bottles on Scottish beaches rose by 21.3% compared to 2015.

The MSC’s interactive map on its website shows that so far there are no beach clean-ups planned along the Berwickshire or East Lothian coastline, so if you are wanting to help visit www.mcsuk.org/greatbritishbeachclean or telephone 01989 566017.