Volunteers help to clear Scottish Borders of litter

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THERE were 1,403 children and 429 adults in the Scottish Borders who went out and did their bit to support the Keep Scotland Beautiful spring clean in April and May this year.

Community councils, schools, student volunteer groups, youth groups, businesses, guides and scouts, environmental trusts, council staff, and churches all pulled on their yellow Keep Scotland Tidy tabards and spent time cleaning up different locations. The result of all the hard work is that 34 public gardens, school grounds, woodlands, nature reserves, rivers/canals/loch-sides, beaches, country parks, road verges, villages and town centres in Scottish Borders are now free from discarded juice and alcohol bottles, cans, cigarette ends, crisp bags, dog poo and fast food wrappers this summer.

The Borders volunteers were part of a 117,734 strong team that got to work across Scotland and collected 120 bags an hour during the two month long campaign.

Grantshouse Community Trust took part and Kym Bannerman said: “We had some volunteers help to clean up the village and Harelawside areas. Five volunteers helped in total, but it’s not about the quantity of help but the quality of work done and we were very happy with the results. Our hope is that next year will be even more successful than this year and the year after that too.”