Volunteers go for a walk and raise some cash

Following on from what Graeme was saying about volunteers last week, I’d like to start with yet another honourable mention for the volunteers and carers from the Lanark Lodge Day Centre at Duns.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 18th October 2011, 1:00 pm

Not content with coming along twice every week to muck out and feed our wildlife patients, several of these wonderful people who you would think would have enough on their plates with their own problems, help in other ways as well.

Some collect small change from friends and relations and present me with the pleasurable task of counting lots of filthy lucre (you should see the colour of my hands afterwards). I don’t ask too many questions as to how they “persuade” people to empty their pockets, but it’s all in a good cause.

They excelled themselves a few weeks ago when they managed to raise £207.50 by doing a sponsored walk around the Berwick Walls on Friday, September 16.  Jack, John, Robbie, Graham, Carol, Tom, Sharon and Jessie took part and even though it was a very blustery day they all really enjoyed ourselves.

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That wasn’t the end of it though. Last week Carol gave me a further £4 she had managed to squeeze out of someone, and Jack left me with £10.74 in small change, making a grand total to hand over to our treasurer of £222.24!

We had some bad news last week. David Rollo, our vet, and the man responsible for the Trust’s foundation after the big pollution incident back in 1991, was rushed into hospital and has been in intensive care for quite a few days.

When I visited him this afternoon (Monday) I was pleased to see him sitting up in an armchair and, whilst he is not yet out of the woods, there is hope that he may be transferred into an ordinary ward and eventually make a full recovery. Get well soon, David.

Although not physically a big man, David has left a big hole to fill and there has had to be a good deal of juggling about with volunteers to ensure our patients continue to receive the best possible care. Pat has been instrumental in this and will no doubt bring you up to date with the practical aspects of keeping the continuity going.

We have had problems obtaining enough grain to feed the unusually high number of cygnets we have had to rear this year. Normally we get sufficient barley from Simpson’s Malt to keep us going all year, but now we are going round with the begging bowl to try and find additional sources. If anyone knows where we can get hold of a few sacks of wheat or barley without having to pay or only having to pay a much reduced price, we’d be very grateful.

Several plans are in the pipeline for new developments, but as negotiations are at a delicate stage I cannot say anything at the moment. Rest assured that if things come off as planned I will give you all the news as it happens.


Should you find an animal in need of our services, or if you need advice please phone HQ on (01289) 302882. We are happy to help. You can also e-mail via our website www.swan-trust.org. We are also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/swantrust.

If you would like to donate to the Trust (cheques payable to B.S.W.T.),or to become a member please contact treasurer, Derek Roughton. Yew Tree Cottage, Branton, Alnwick, NE66 4LW. Phone (01665) 578365. The Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust is a registered charity in England No. 1064805.