Vodafone offer of better mobile service

Local communities are being urged to apply for Vodafone’s Rural Open Sure Signal Programme to boost their mobile phone coverage.

Vodafone UK is giving 100 rural communities across the UK the opportunity to have mobile access, following the success of Vodafone’s ‘community-led’ Rural Open Sure Signal trial which gave access to 12 communities across the UK, including Newcastleton in the Borders.

Vodafone is calling for communities to work together, in partnership with their local MP, to apply for the installation of Vodafone’s innovative Open Sure Signal technology in their villages and hamlets and bring Vodafone 3G mobile coverage to their area.

Borders MP Michael Moore said: “I am pleased to hear that Vodafone is offering more rural communities the chance to benefit from improved mobile phone coverage provided by Open Sure signal technology. I want to see more Borders communities benefit from a better mobile signal.

Mobile connectivity is vital for local people and businesses here in the Borders especially as we seek to grow industries like tourism through the new railway. This is why I want to encourage towns and villages across the area to apply for this programme and benefit from improved coverage.”