Visitors are ‘homing’ in on Scottish Borders

Borders journeys
Borders journeys

A Scottish Borders business has been cashing in on the opportunities presented by this unique year for Scottish tourism.

Borders Journeys, a company which brings numerous visitors to the region, has capitalised on Homecoming Scotland 2014 which is a year long coordinated programme of inspirational events.

The company has seen a significant increase of 120% in demand for ancestral tours as well as an increase of 100% in researching the ancestral heritage of clients. Most of the visitors this year are ‘homecomers’ researching their ancestral roots and have come from Australia, Canada and the USA.

Borders Journeys provide exclusive private and small group guided tours of Scotland. Their ancestral research services and tailor-made ancestral tours take visitors on a journey of discovery to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors. The company’s website welcomes visitors to Scotland with the line “there is no better year to visit and explore Scotland than in the year that we celebrate Homecoming Scotland 2014, a year-long celebration of all things Scottish.”

Tour operator, Ian Walker, downloaded the VisitScotland Homecoming Scotland 2014 toolkit at the end of 2013 and has made the most of the material made available by the tourism organisation for businesses.

Ian also used the Homecoming logo on the front of his 2014 tour leaflet, which is in circulation in Edinburgh and Glasgow, including the Glasgow VisitScotland Information Centre during the Commonwealth Games. Ian has successfully grown his business and attributes a significant part of that to the joint international marketing effort.