Viridor is a 3 star responsible business

Viridor chairman welcomes the company's 3 star rank in Business in the Community's annual benchmark of responsible businesses, the Corporate Business Index
Viridor chairman welcomes the company's 3 star rank in Business in the Community's annual benchmark of responsible businesses, the Corporate Business Index

Viridor, the company that collects and sorts recycling and waste across the UK including at its landfill and leachate treatment plant at Dunbar, is celebrating being awarded a three star rank as a responsible business.

Viridor supports over 100 UK local authorities, public sector partners and some of Britain’s biggest businesses with essential recycling and resource management services, and has been awarded a 3 star rank in Business in the Community’s annual benchmark of responsible business, the Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index).

For Viridor, the award marks another milestone in its drive towards sustainability and recognises the company’s progress in a broad range of key areas procurement, partnerships, people, health, safety energy and environmental management.

Specifically the 2015 award recognises company progress in relation to the business considering social and environmental issues when making strategic decisions such as investments, downsizing, research and development, selection of business partners, and selecting pension fund providers. Viridor was recognised for moves to link remuneration or bonus systems to senior managers and board members’ corporate responsibility objectives and targets and providing relevant CR training for employees, senior managers and Board members.

Viridor chief executive, Ian McAulay, said: “With a firm focus on giving resources new life, we are transforming our business, systems and services to add value for our customers, partners and the communities in which we operate.

“Combined with our £I.5bn investment in recycling and renewable energy social infrastructure, our progress around the three pillars of environmental, social and economic sustainability is central to our work, our purpose and values.

“We’re delighted our work to ensure corporate responsibility is embedded at the heart of our business has been recognised with this three star achievement.”

Melanie Huggins, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Viridor, added: ”I’m delighted with our three-star grading and proud of the steps we’ve made in our ongoing commitment to be a responsible business. Over the last year our teams have helped to develop and deliver even stronger community partnerships across the UK.”

Stephen Howard, chief executive, Business in the Community said: “We are moving in the right direction and companies are now increasingly integrating responsible business practice into decision making right across the business.

“To truly change business culture, companies need to engage their people to embrace a different way of doing business with responsible values at the core. So it is especially encouraging this year that we have seen a significant increase in the representation of corporate responsibility, both at board level and amongst the generation of future leaders that will shape the businesses of tomorrow.

“I congratulate Viridor for achieving its ranking and look forward to working together to create a fairer society and a more sustainable future.”