VIDEO: Spittal author publishes first novel

A Spittal author is celebrating the publication of her first novel, inspired by her stint covering Northumberland as a journalist.

Bea Davenport’s ‘In Too Deep’, a thriller set in and around 
Alnwick, will be out at the 
beginning of June.

Spittal author Bea Davennport with her debut novel: In too deep

Spittal author Bea Davennport with her debut novel: In too deep

Bea, who also lectures on journalism after 17 years working with the BBC, came to the attention of Legend Press when a childrens’ book of 
hers was shortlisted for the prestigious Times/Chicken House Award in 2010.

But when it came to the longer form, she said: “I had to be quite disciplined in order to get things down. I try to get 1,000 words down every day.

“I’m always telling my students to write all the time, to set up a blog and keep their hand in, so I felt I had to take some of my own medicine! I’ve been blogging about writing and journalism for a few months now.

“Having said all that, ‘In Too Deep’ was my first novel and I am getting along much quicker with the one I’m working on now. I think that’s because I was fiddling with it for such a long time, it being the first one, and there were many drafts, with much rewriting.”

With her follow-up, Bea’s previous life as a journalist is again providing the spark for her fiction.

“It’s set in the 1980’s,” she said, “and it’s a very heavily fictionalised version of stories that I was working on at the time of the Miners’ Strike while I was writing for the Shields Gazette. Again, it’s a very dark story, though I don’t want to give too much away.

“It was a time of great upheaval in north Northumberland,” added Bea, originally from Tyneside.

“And recently, with Margaret Thatcher’s death, all those feelings were being replayed. I found that very helpful in recalling the atmosphere.”

Bea is eagerly awaiting the publication of ‘In Too Deep’ on June 1, although the e-book version has been available for download since May 1.

“It was very exciting,” she said. “That’s when you know that it’s real. An e-book, well, it’s still getting it out there, but I think for someone of my generation, it’s always going to be about the paperback. I think it’s about the feel of the object itself in some way.

“Then again, I do have a Kindle, and I like it. I think I’d always want to take it on a journey, as opposed to a whole suitcase full of books.

‘In Too Deep’ is available to pre-order on Amazon now.