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‘Here Come The Girls’ was the show that brought us showstoppers, dazzling divas and crossdressing last year and its cast are back for another two bites of the cherry next week.

The sequel, carrying the tagline ‘Gary’s Revenge’, will enjoy a two night run at The Maltings on April 17 and 18 with director Wendy Payn packing 40 songs into its repertoire.

Here Come the Girls 2

Here Come the Girls 2

As much as the boys in the cast might not want to admit, strong females are once again the main dish of the day with songs from the likes of Lady GaGa, Annie Lennox and Suzie Quatro served up by last year’s girls plus two new faces Zoe and Sarah Graham.

And as well as sharing the same second name, the ladies have a shared excitement at joining the ‘Here Come The Girls’ ranks for 2014.

“I was meant to be in it last year but ended up in hospital,” Zoe explained.

“I got out in time to see the show and it was amazing so I’m glad I can actually be a part of it this time!”

“The girls set the bar high last year and I think it’s brilliant that we’re doing two nights,” Sarah added.

“It’s a real musical melting point of songs; there’s something for everyone.”

Angie McKeown sizzled with her Peggy Lee cover ‘Fever’ last year and this time she’s delved back into the archives to deliver one of Doris Day’s biggest hits while the youngest lady in the pack, Katie Hindmarsh is taking on a song by a certain meat-wearing popstar.

“When its comes to divas, Lady GaGa is pretty mammoth, but it’s such a great song,” she commented.

The show with be divided into a number of sections, each carrying its own theme. Two hit musicals will each have their own section, with other segments including iconic , 1950s and rock.

“We really kicked ass in the rock section,” joked Nicola Salonsky, whose appearance in leather trousers in last year’s show, was her first appearance on the Berwick stage in years.

“It was such an amazing night.”

“We’ve got such a varied group and the songlist is like a rollercoaster of different styles and moods,” added Angie.

The big crowd pleasers from last year’s show were group numbers like ‘Cell Block Tango’ and ‘The Promise’ and there are plenty more in store next week, with one having taking its inspiration from the annual celebration of all things kitsch and camp- the Eurovision Song Contest.

Katie will pair up with Alison Fergie to be half of a famous winning act with Alison joking “it’s like Dawn French dancing with Darcy Bussell!”

Of course the ladies won’t be alone in group numbers- even more so than last year the boys are muscling in on the action.

Last year they travelled ‘Under The Sea’ to send the audience into hysterics and this year they’re taking their lead a a song which gave 2013one of its shock number ones.

“We know the words; we know the dance moves; the audience will just have to see if we can manage both at the same time, Ross Graham joked.

“There is a lot of unhealthy competition with the girls this year,” added Gary Robson, who made a striking Geri Halliwell in the first instalment.

“We basically stole the show last year and we’ve got more of our own numbers this time. There’s more crossdressing and things have got the potential to be even funnier, one word- disco.”

*There are still tickets left for both April 17 &18 shows.