VIDEO: Greenlaw Maid reigns as sun shines

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The heavens were kind enough to stay closed for the majority of this year’s Greenlaw Festival, meaning the reign of new Maid Gwyneth Hume got off to a bright start.

Organisers were left expecting the worst after the forecast last week pointed to heavy showers on Saturday but fortunately this proved to be an exaggeration.

After hard-working volunteers had put up the marquees on the village green and got everything ready, festivities got underway last Friday night when a new addition to the festival programme, a silent disco, proved particularly popular with the primary school children in attendance.

It was an early start on Saturday as Gwyneth, her court and her well wishers got ready for her big moment.

The lead up to her crowning ceremony began with a parade from her house along the street and around the town hall as many gathered to watch her be given the title by Lady McEwen.

The crowds stayed on the green for the rest of the afternoon, meaning there were plenty of takers for side shows including a coconut shy and dunk tank, including a few familiar faces who were sponsored to take the plunge!

Greenlaw Festival

Greenlaw Festival

Another new addition, a rodeo bull, also attracted a lot of interest and despite the best efforts of the participating adults, was mastered best by a 10-year-old girl who managed to stay on for an impressive 85 seconds.

Saturday night saw a large attendance in the marquee for ‘Greenlaw’s Got Talent’ and the family disco, where once again the silent disco proved popular.

Sunday saw a host of events, including the traditional Festival Family Church Service, Ready Steady Cook and Children’s Sports. Unfortunately the latter had to be cut short as conditions worsened and the rain also forced the duck race to be postponed.

But festival secretary Fiona Drewery said the showers didn’t dampen spirits. “It’s all about everyone coming together to have fun and that’s exactly what happened,” she said, “everyone had a lot of fun.”