VIDEO: Don’t Drink and Dive

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Tackling drink driving is a year round priority for Police Scotland but this summer there will be greater focus on the sea with a drink diving campaign targeting divers visiting Eyemouth and St Abbs.

The aim is to stop divers drinking the night before they go out to sea as this can increase the risk of something going wrong when they take to the water.

Divers at St Abbs.

Divers at St Abbs.

The campaign, which will be officially launched at St Abbs harbour tomorrow, will see Police Scotland working alongside partners including the RNLI and Marine and Coastguard Agency, targeting local dive boats, dive centres, accommodation providers bed and breakfast, hotels, caravan parks, pubs and restaurants with a view to them displaying and giving out leaflets to divers who may use their facilities.

PC Richard Toward, Community Beat Officer for Lothian and Scottish Borders Division of Police Scotland, who developed the initiative, said: “Many of those who come to the area are highly experienced and well-equipped for what can be a dangerous sport.

“One issue, however, is that some divers drink the night before they dive, and this can contribute to increasing the risks to divers.

“Our message to them is to drink responsibly and dive safely.

Divers at St Abbs.

Divers at St Abbs.

“The campaign will engage with both divers at local shore diving sites and groups of divers who may visit the area.

“Our overall aim is to reduce the number of times the emergency services and NHS have to respond to divers needing assistance.”

The campaign will call on information from the Dedicated Diving Research Centre (DDRC Healthcare) based in Plymouth who have examined the impact of drink diving.