VIDEO: Another chapter for Storytelling Festival

After a successful debut last year, Eyemouth Storytelling Festival is back to tell some more tales at even more venues around the town.

This year’s event is being held at the start of International Storytelling Week, on Saturday October 19, and organisers are going all out to make sure they mark the occasion in style.

Marjory Leithhead is returning to Gunsgreen House for another Eyemouth Storytelling Festival

Marjory Leithhead is returning to Gunsgreen House for another Eyemouth Storytelling Festival

At the helm once again is a woman who doesn’t need a book in front of her to tell a good story. Buoyed by how the event went down in 2012, Marjorie Leithead. is keen to get even more of her peers on board this year, meaning that the festival line-up has a real international feel to it.

In addition to Scottish storytellers Marie-Louise Cochrane; Anne Pitcher; Margaret Christison; Tim Porteous; Donald Nelson; and, of course, Marjorie herself; there will be Fay Wilkinson and Dawn McFarlane from Canada and Geeta Ramamujam from India.

Marjorie is confident that with more storytellers keen to take part there is no reason why Eyemouth Storytelling Festival shouldn’t be around for years to come.

“I wholeheartedly see it as an ongoing event,” she said. “ I’m happy to keep it up.

“Everyone loves the opportunity to just sit back and forget everything else for a few minutes – both children and adults.

“They don’t have to do anything but listen and be taken to another place.

“I heard my first story in 1957 at the age of eight and I was captivated. And then I told my first story not long after. It was about how Prince Phillip should have married me and not the Queen!”

Marjorie is very open minded when it comes to the stories she tells to her captive audiences.

She recites celebrated tales such as ‘Kidnapped’ by Robert Louis Stevenson – an author she has put particular focus on this year– alongside works by lesser known north east authors like Violet Jacob.

“Everyone has a story to tell it’s just that I do it on a bigger scale,” Marjorie continued.

“Even if I’m having a normal conversation with someone I can hear myself switch to what I call ‘my storytelling voice. I’ve done it for so long now.”

The Storytelling Festival will once again use Gunsgreen House as its hub, but its programme will also see tales told at the FIshermen’s Mission, Eyemouth Museum and the Maritime Museum.

Marjorie will mark the end of International Storytelling Week with a story walk for children around Eyemouth.

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