Vandalism and theft are main crimes

VANDALISM and theft were the main crimes reported to Berwickshire police between August 23 and September 23, and reporting to Berwickshire Area Committee last week, temporary Inspector Duncan Mclean told councillors that 54 of the 81 reported crimes had been detected.

Dividing the county into three areas the Duns beat had 186 calls, Eyemouth received 208 and Coldstream 62 during the month long period.

Among the incidents dealt with by Berwickshire police were a number of thefts by housbreaking and attempted housebreaking in the Eyemouth area and police currently have a man in custody charged with these offences.

There were several recoveries of drugs, all for personal possession, a man reported under the Badgers Act 1992 for the disturbance of badgers, the theft of the ceramic lions from outside the Red Lion, Ayton, and the theft of a forklift truck. stolen and recovered. and three vehicles broken into at Drysdales.

In Duns police carried out a boy racer initiative following complaints of nuisance behaviour and two people were identified and warned about future conduct. And police have also re-started lunch time patrols in the town, working with Berwickshire High School guidance staff and local integration officer PC Jamie Stewart.

Inspector Mclean also commended the work of Special Constable Mason who has been out and about in Berwickshire villages carrying out patrols on foot which has been well received by the local communities.

In his report, Inspector Mclean said: "The number of crimes committed in August dropped sharply to 236 throughout the Division, against not only the three year average but also the trend seen in the last three months. Vandalism has remained at the level expected for this time of year.