Uncover fashion at Paxton

So what did Mr Darcy wear under those breeches? And how did Georgian ladies get those extraordinary silhouettes?

Find out at ‘Fashion Uncovered’, presented by The Underwear Project, this Sunday, June 10, from 1-3pm at Paxton House.

Underwear is the rarely-seen side of fashion’s history and Paxton House invite you to discover the hidden agonies of fashion with their entertaining presentation. 

The Underwear Project, a charitable group formed in 2008, aims to collect and preserve underwear and its accessories.

Naomi Kenny, founder member of the Underwear Project comments, “We travel into the community to give talks and demonstrations.

Although we began with the intention of rescuing ordinary underwear belonging to ordinary people we find that each piece is extraordinary and individual, with a human story. 

“Now we have an ever-increasing collection due to the fantastic generosity of ordinary people who are delighted – and often amused – that we are saving these items of social history.

In our presentations we feature real, live models wearing all sorts of not-often-seen garments!  We have original items dating back to the mid nineteenth century, but prior to that the items you see are faithful reproductions from drawings, patterns and descriptions in books, diaries or letters.”