Traffic wardens here until end of April

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Police Scotland have postponed their plans to remove the traffic warden service from the Borders until the end of April.

Last minute talks between Scottish Borders Council and Police Scotland have resulted in an undertaking to maintain traffic wardens in the region until then. Police Scotland had originally intended removing traffic warden services in the Borders this month.

It comes after the council originally requested Police Scotland to delay the withdrawal until 2016 to allow them time to investigate and set up an alternative system. This request was ignored initially, however, leading to worries that it would lead to traffic problems in towns across the region.

A spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council said: “Elected members considered a private report on Thursday, February 27, regarding the withdrawal of the traffic warden service.

“The Chief Constable of Police Scotland has since undertaken to Scottish Borders, Falkirk and Stirling Councils that ‘the current level of parking enforcement service by Police Scotland will be maintained throughout these areas until at least April 30, 2014’.

“Further discussions with Police Scotland about future provision of the service will take place over that period.”

John Lamont, Ettrick,Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP said: “I’m glad that Police Scotland have finally seen sense on this issue.

“Their original plans to stop the traffic warden service for the Borders were irresponsible and would have left our region with little or no parking enforcement. This could have potentially serious consequences and it would not have been long before we started to see traffic chaos in many of our towns and villages.

“That Police Scotland ignored this request was reckless, and it is a shame that it has taken them this long to realise it. While the extension to the end of April is by no means perfect, it does at least allow some more time for a proper alternative to be discussed.”