More parking is planned at Berwick railway station

Berwick Railway Station Car Park
Berwick Railway Station Car Park

Plans to create more than 100 new parking spaces at Berwick railway station are being prepared.

Northumberland County Council is looking at the possibility of a 102-space car park on land bordering the northbound platform.

The site, next to the remains of Berwick Castle and Coronation Park, has long been identified as a potential site for much-needed additional parking, albeit with significant access difficulties.

It is currently used by Network Rail as a maintenance depot but discussions have been held about its relocation. The local authority has also held talks with LNER.

A pre-application document outlining brief details of the proposal states: ‘The proposal aims to improve the aesthetics of the site in front of the castle walls (ancient monument), widen the access road to 5.5m and junction improvements to the highway/access; install stairs to the public footpath, signage, 102 space car parking facility and associated ticketing apparatus. Works will also necessitate the relocation of an electricity substation.’

The likely costs of such a development or where funding might be found are not mentioned.

Berwick North councillor, Catherine Seymour, said: “It is pleasing that the planning pre-app proposal has been submitted for the 102 space railway customer car park, outside the walls of the town. More parking at the station means that car spaces throughout the town will be freed up for others.”