Town’s principal to be installed

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COLDSTREAMER elect, Liam Wallis will be installed as the 2012 Coldstreamer on Friday evening, April 13 in Henderson Park, Coldstream, ready to lead the town’s Civic Week celebrations and represent it at Common ridings across the Borders.

It has become the tradition for Coldstream to be led by three principals - the Coldstreamer, Right Hand Man and Left Hand Man - each having a three year tenure that starts off at Right Hand Man, moves on to Coldstreamer in their second year and then Left Hand Man in their final year.

There has been considerable speculation about how organisers will deal with there being no automatic Left Hand Man after they took the unprecedented decision at the end of last year to dismiss the 2011 Coldstreamer Steven Bell for midsconduct.

He will not take part in any of the official elements of Civic Week or representing the town elsewhere but Presenting Coldstream Committee chairman Jim Leifer gave an assurance that there will be three principals leading the town’s celebrations and although retiring Left Hand Man Ricky Hope, and other Ex-Coldstreamers will fill the role during the Common Riding Season, Ricky will officially step down from the post on Friday.

The Henderson Park ceremony also includes introducing this year’s Right Hand Man - which holds particular signficance this year as he will be Coldstreamer in 2013, the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden. And it will also be a big night for Martin Lees, the 1963 Coldstreamer, who is being presented with his 50th anniversary medal.