Too many wind farms and very poor roads

Fallago Rig Wind Farm near  Weststruther.
Fallago Rig Wind Farm near Weststruther.
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Too many wind farms, the need for better council services and the cost of living are the main concerns of Berwickshire residents

A total of 1200 people across Berwickshire were sent a Household Survey 2013 to find out what their views of life in the Scottish Borders. A total of 37 per cent filled it in and sent it back, letting the council, health authority, police and fire and rescue service know how well they think these services are doing and what residents want the public bodies to focus on.

After answering the questionnaire, the Borders residents who were selected to take part in the survey were asked for any additional comments and the one issue that came up more often than any other across the whole region was wind farms - 26.6 per cent of Berwickshire residents saying there were too many and they were ruining the landscape.

In Berwickshire the general view was that the town’s and village’s streets were clean (almost 80% were satisfied) but when it came to road repairs the satisfaction level dropped to 18%.

The vast majority of people answering the survey felt safe in their own homes and out in the streets (that dropped from 98% during the day to 80% at night) and were generally satisfied with the care they get from NHS Borders.

However, while many may be quick to have an opinion about how things in our communities could be improved, the numbers prepared to actually do anything about it was less than half. The number of Berwickshire people surveyed who would be prepared to get involved in the community resilience programmes, currently being introduced across the region, was 37.3%, 62.7% saying ‘no’ they wouldn’t get involved; the 25-44 year age group the most likely to volunteer. The number of Berwickshire people prepared to do voluntary work in their community was 26.5 per cent.