Time to Talk mental health

See Me - the national programme to end mental health discrimination.
See Me - the national programme to end mental health discrimination.

Mental health needs to be a key focus for workplaces, education and health care in 2019, to stop people facing unfair discrimination.

See Me, the national programme to end mental health stigma and discrimination, has called on public bodies, private organisations and people across the Borders to do more to ensure that people struggling with their mental health are treated fairly.

This could start with people and organisations holding Time to Talk events on February 7, in gyms, cafes, in dedicated areas in workplaces and schools or anywhere else where people can chat about how they’re feeling.

Recent research shows that people aren’t willing to speak about how they are feeling, for fear of the reaction they will receive and only 40% of people are willing to speak to their manager at work about their own mental health.

Calum Irving, See Me director, said: “People with mental health problems face unacceptably high levels of stigma and discrimination. We all have mental health and any of us could go through a period where we struggle.

“So we want to see workplaces, communities, schools, health providers in the Borders come together to talk about mental health this year, starting with Time to Talk day.”

Get involved in Time to Talk day at https://www.seemescotland.org/