Tidal surge held back at Eyemouth

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Eyemouth Response Team was called into action to help protect the town from a tidal surge which hit the east coast recently.

Following a meeting with council officers, Scottish Police and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the town’s response volunteers took responsibility for deploying the bantry barriers to keep the public back. The fire service filled the barriers with water to provide weight resistance and the barriers were further supported by sandbags.

A member of the response team confirmed that the barriers worked well and did the job intended by keeping not only the water but also debris back from the properties at the end of harbour road.

A member of the response team said: “The waves were so strong that there is a large chunk of wall missing at the swimming pool end of the bantry.

“Eyemouth Co-op staff realised that due to the way the water was hitting the bantry there was a danger that water could get into the shop and a member of staff contacted the response team.”

Co-op manager Lee Shenan explained: “I didn’t know that the support existed, but staff member Lesley Crowe contacted ERT who arrived within minutes with sandbags and with the SFRS, they created a wall of sandbags to divert potential flood water from our doorway. We were saved from who knows how bad it could have been. We are very grateful to ERT for their swift action and community support.”

A debrief of the event will take place at Eyemouth Fire Station on February 7.