Three-day ride to retrace soldiers’ route

Event as part of the Reivers Ride in Coldstream comemorating the Battle of Flodden.
Event as part of the Reivers Ride in Coldstream comemorating the Battle of Flodden.
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A three-day ride over the entire Borders route covered by the Scottish army is being planned for the weekend of the anniversary of the 1513 battle - September 9.

The Flodden 1513 Club in Coldstream are organising the event they have called ‘The Borderers’ Return from Flodden’ ride and it is one of a busy weekend of commemorative to mark the quincentenary

Local historian Clive Hallam-Baker plans to lead a walk in the footsteps of the soldiers and nobles, 500 years to the very day and the very hour of the battle.

During the walk he will recount the events of the battle exactly as they took place on the same once blood- soaked ground of the battlefield. They will leave the battlefield at the end of the 3½ hour tour, the length of time the battle which left 10,000 soldiers and nobles including the Scottish King dead.

On the same day, the 1499 bell at Swinton Kirk, which rang the death knell after the battle, will ring at 4.30pm then and every day for a period of seven days.

Among the more formal events are a Requiem Mass on the morning of September 10 at 10.30am in Norham Church, close to Norham Castle which was besieged by the Scottish Army on its way to the battle, followed by the Solemn Commemoration at 2.30pm in Branxton Church, next to the battlefield, on September 10; Selkirk Peace Garden opened by the Duke of Buccleuch on September 7; and a Service of Solemn Commemoration at St. Giles’ Cathedral arranged by The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs on September 9.