Three birthdays on the same day?

SBBN Three birthdays on  one day Louie,  Tom and Aila
SBBN Three birthdays on one day Louie, Tom and Aila

Having two children from separate pregnancies with the same birthday is odd enough, but what are the odds of three identical delivery dates?

A Longformacus family were left pondering the situation this week after their latest child was born on the same day as his older brother and sister.

Gillian Miller and husband Mark Walkingshaw celebrated the birth of Tom at the BGH on march 31 - the same birthday as his brother Louie (11) and sister Aila (1).

“We have no idea how or why it happened like this,” said dad Mark, “but what’s even more amazing is that both Louie and Aila were both due on the same date - March 24 - and were both later births, on March 31.”

Mum Gillian, spoke to ‘The Berwickshire News’ as she was preparing to show off Tom, born at 10 1/2 lbs, to his grandparents this week.

She said that her eldest son Louie had come around to the idea of sharing his birthday, after some misgivings before the birth of his sister Aila.

“When Aila was about to be born, Louie really didn’t want to share his birthday. But that all changed when he saw her!

“And when he found out I was pregnant with Tom, he told me that he really wanted Tom to have the same birthday, again.

“We really have no clue as to how the dates came about like this.”

Before her latest pregnancy Gillian worked as a mobile hairdresser across the Borders and East Lothian, while husband Mark works on oil rigs.

Gillian added that she might be taking a break from work, seeing as the logistics of her family have changed quite a lot in the last year.

“We don’t think we’re going to have any more children,” she laughed. That’s our plan, anyway.

“Now we’re starting to think about how to space out their birthday parties in the years ahead!”