Thoughts on thoughts

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SIR, - Each week I look forward to reading the Thought for the Week and wish to commend you for this small but often-inspired component of the Berwickshire News.

It is good to pause for thought. The contribution by Mr Goldie-Scot (March 10) did not disappoint. The image of BT’s Race to Infinity advertisement as an analogy to the Christian gospel is certainly thought-provoking.

However, describing the ‘good news’ as the ‘upfront cost’ of a personal intimate connection with God being paid for by the death of Jesus Christ’ is but one dimension of the gospel. God’s way of doing things does not stop at getting a better connection with us.

Christians do understand Good Friday in that way, but what Jesus bought for us all was not revealed until Easter morning. It is the resurrection that puts on view the full measure of the good news that will affect the whole world. The resurrected Jesus gives us a glimpse of what the future will look like – the beauty and power of an indestructible life – and a renewed creation.

I doubt if the analogy of BT’s race to infinity will hold good for that!


Green Hope, Duns.