Thought for the week

Living beside a little river, guests, particularly children, love to play at ‘Peefers’ or ‘Skimming’.

Yesterday, Alistair, aged 6, was delighted his stone jumped twice! I’ve managed four or five on a good day, but the river is narrow so the stone reaches the far bank quickly!

My minister commented that our lives are like stones in a pool. Whoever we are our acts influence other people. No matter how young or old, how unimportant or ‘self important’ we think we are. What I do makes a difference; ripples.

Some people are like radiators, radiating warmth and good feeling all about wherever they go – the late Willie Swan was like that and those of us who knew him will smile in remembrance I’m sure; a ‘radiator’. People who came in contact felt brighter and better and found themselves smiling. Good ripples.

Others are more like ‘drains’ Oh dear yes! I know some drains. One dreads too much time in their company. They talk about themselves and who they know; what they’ve done. They’re not really interested in you – quite wearying.

I wonder which you think Jesus is? When you think about him do you think ‘drain’ or ‘radiator’. It is not the church here I’m talking about; it is Jesus Christ.

He actually said lots about himself and certainly made some people think he was outrageous, though others adored him as a place of ‘life’, and healing and acceptance. Some, he said, were like smelly dead bodies! Horrid! But Jesus described hypocrites like that – nasty ‘drains’.

About himself he said he was ‘light and life’ - a first rate ‘radiator’.

Any of us who check it out with him will find that. He’s there to ask. “If you look for me you’ll find me when you look whole heartedly” – and he’s still radiating ripples.

Alison Landale.