Thought for the week

OH no it’s Valentine’s day again!

A time of eager anticipation for those who are in love and are sure that someone loves them but a bitter reminder for those who feel unloved; of relationships that have ended or of dreams that have never come true.

Like Christmas a time of fun and friendship for some but for others a time of greater loneliness as they are reminded of what they are missing.

But nobody needs to feel lonely when God is longing to lavish his love and welcome into his family all those who are willing to become his children. Everyone is welcome but there is only one way into the family. God’s son Jesus is the door. He is the way, the truth and the life.

We have to be willing to accept his rescue plan, to be winched up from the sinking wreck of our lives to the safety of his helicopter.

Entrance is completely free but it will cost us everything as we hand over our lives to him.

Nobody need ever be alone when there is warmth and friendship just inside the door. But the door looks very frightening from the outside and the step over the threshold seems huge. But those on the inside are glad they took the risk, they feel that what they gave up was worth nothing and what they gained is worth everything.

If Valentine’s day reminds you that in the depth of your heart you are alone take steps to make sure it is different next year.

C. Holt