Thieves pinch ‘speed camera’ from garden

The fake speed camera in the Wark garden of Alan and Susan Hughes.
The fake speed camera in the Wark garden of Alan and Susan Hughes.

Thieves have stolen a well known garden ornament from Wark - a pretend speed camera!

It was taken from the home of Alan Hughes, former vicar of Berwick, and his wife, Susan.

Alan said: “The thieves, if mistaking it for a genuine speed camera, would have been saddened to discover that they had obtained nothing of value, simply an old orange box with a pint glass stuck in the centre, no Hasselblad or Nikon camera mechanism.

“The ‘ornament’ was created, not only to raise smiles but also awareness of the dangers of speeding through built up areas, trying to save fellow motorists points and pounds sterling, after years of unsuccessful lobbying of local and regional councillors for a ‘smiley face’ reminder sign as at Milfield and other places.

“This public spirited act will now end, leaving more room in the garden to grow marrows but its removal will not change anything, other than leave people to their own devices with the inevitable consequences.”

Alan installed it several years ago because of concerns about traffic passing through the 30mph at sometimes twice that speed.

He said: “Wark is deceptively large, most of its homes, with small children, stand unseen off the main road. A road which not only has seven vehicular accesses feeding onto it, plus ten private drives but also a deceptive bend in the centre of the village, making it hard for oncoming traffic to see one another and pass safely.”

He also revealed the Archdeacon of Lindisfarne had been approached by a number of people, concerned that a retired priest should be photographing motorists and handing evidence to the police.