The Kirk needs champions

The Presbytery of Duns is encouraging people to take up a role in the ministry.

More than 80% of those serving in ministry in the Church of Scotland are over the age of 50. The number of people entering the Parish Ministry is at its lowest point for a generation.

So has God stopped calling people to work in this way? Or are people not recognising the Call or are not responding to that Call? Not recognising or not responding are undoubtedly factors but also the perception of what is involved in ministry, and also in the assessment and training for ministry, may be flawed.

Whatever the problem the Church of Scotland nationally has risen to the challenge to reverse this trend and to ensure that its core belief, that one of its Ministers should be available in every parish in Scotland, can continue.

The Presbytery of Duns is in a grouping with Melrose and Peebles, Jedburgh and Lothian Presbyteries. Helen Longmuir, Presbytery Clerk of Duns, said: “It is our initial challenge to encourage people to recognise that they could fulfil this important role and make a real difference to the future of ministry in the Borders and in Scotland as a whole. Essentially we are looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about promoting the different roles in ministry, a member of the Church of Scotland themselves and willing to give three or four hours per week perhaps at a careers event or arranging a vocations conference locally.”

If interested contact Helen on 01890 819849 or email