The “forgotten eastern Borders” find their voice

EYEMOUTH Town Council believes that “more thought is needed for the forgotten eastern Borders”.

Responding to the recent consultation round on the Scottish Borders draft Local Plan, Eyemouth Town Council also requested that a number of areas in the town are identified as green spaces that won’t be developed on. They include the Border Forest Planting site behind Queen’s Road, trees at the back of Victoria Road, the playing field on the corner of Coldingham Road and Northburn Road and the old gas works the town council regarding it as “a key site into our town”.

Council planners’ response is that the first two will remain within the draft plan as green spaces but the old gas works has been identified as a regeneration site, and in their report discussed by Scottish Borders councillors last week they continued to recommend that the area remains a potential development site.

In the case of the Northburn Road/Coldingham Road corner site council planners said: “enhancement of this space has been recently undertaken and therefore its contribution to the locality has significantly increase.

“For that reason it is considered that it may be appropriate to identify this area as a key green space.”

Eyemouth resident Lawson Wood requestined that the Old Whale Hotel, Burgon’s Yard, Dr Collin and the FMA and its car park are included as key regeneration areas for Eyemouth. Planners responded by pointing out that the Harbour Road/Manse Road, Church Street area is included within the settlement plan.