The dangers of ‘legal highs’

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The market for legal highs has exploded in the last five years but with the possibility of them containing one or more of 200 potentially dangerous drugs people don’t know what they are buying.

The ‘herbal’ drugs are advertised freely on the internet, new ones constantly coming on the market, and Borders police are taking action, hosting a series of events to the public to raise awareness of ‘legal highs’.

The events, taking place in nine location across the region between Wednesday, June 5 and Monday, June 24, are aimed at providing parents, those who work with young people and members of staff from the licensing trade, with information on the risks of these new drugs.

While people may believe it is legal to purchase these items, one fifth actually contain illegal substances and can have serious health implications if consumed.

Drug and alcohol awareness officer, PC Gillian Oliver will run the sessions and would encourage anyone wishing more information on these new drugs and the associated risks to come along.

PC Oliver said: “Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe and protecting young people from the harmful effects of substance abuse.

“Our awareness seminars will visit a number of towns across the Scottish Borders and I am keen to hear from anyone who has questions or concerns relating to legal highs.”

The first event is at Duns Volunteer Hall on Thursday, June 6, 6-7pm. The team will also be at the Tait Hall, Kelso on Monday, June 19, 6-7pm and Eyemouth Community Centre on Monday, June 24, 7-8pm.