Taxis asked to promote Crimestoppers

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As part of a joint initiative between Lothian and Borders Police’s and Scottish Borders Council’s drive towards continued improvement of services at a local level, officers are joining forces with the independent charity Crimestoppers and local taxi companies in the region to promote Crimestoppers’ unique service.

As of Monday, participating taxi companies will have Crimestoppers business cards within their vehicles that clearly show their telephone contact details which are as follows: 0800 555 111.

Inspector John Scott said: “Lothian and Borders Police are committed to tackling crime and antisocial behaviour at a local level.

“Taxi drivers offer a vital service to our communities and it is well recognised that they see and hear a vast range of conversations, and activities within our communities, some of which will be criminal activity, whether this be the transportation of drugs, drug dealing or that some motorists are choosing to drive while drunk”.

“We appreciate that people don’t always want to pass the information or their details to police, so by raising awareness to the charity Crimestoppers, this will give people another avenue to which they can report crime”

Jack Craig, Chairman of Lothian and Borders Crimestoppers said: “Calls to Crimestoppers are never traced or recorded and in the 24 years that the charity’s been running no one has ever been identified.

“Sometimes fear is what prevents people speaking up and we provide a completely anonymous way for members of the public to give information about criminals knowing that they won’t have to go to court or give a statement to the Police”.