Tapestry change welcomed

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Galashiels is now looking to be the front-runner as the search to find a permament home for the Great Tapestry of Scotland continues.

The town’s case to host the tapestry has been strengthened by the Scottish Government welcoming the arrival of a rival to Tweedbank as a location for the proposed visitor centre.

It has also confirmed that it remains committed to investing up to £2.5m in the project so long as the business case for it is able to stand up to scrutiny. A Government spokesperson said: “A further site in central Galashiels is now also being considered by Scottish Borders Council in tandem with the proposal for Tweedbank and could form part of an exciting regeneration project for the town.

“The Scottish Government has reaffirmed its support towards finding a home for the Great Tapestry in the Borders, and our funding commitment of up to £2.5m remains in place.

“We welcome the news that a further site in Galashiels is under consideration, and we are positive about the significant potential benefits that a Great Tapestry attraction could bring to the local area and the wider Borders.”

The tapestry’s trustees have also confirmed that they are happy to see an alternative location under consideration despite planning consent having aready been granted for a £6m visitor centre at the Tweedbank site and clearance work having been undertaken there.