Tales of Northumbria Open Exhibition at Berwick

Open Exhibition by 56 Degrees North
Open Exhibition by 56 Degrees North

The open exhibition, Tales of Northumbria, held by 56 Degrees North, complemented this year’s Berwick Heritage Open Days.

Held in their studios on Castlegate, Berwick upon Tweed, they invited artists to take part by submitting work in any medium as long as it was inspired by or based upon the history, factual or mythical, of Northumbria.

The result was three rooms full of wonderful artwork by talented artists, both local and country-wide.

Artist and secretary at 56 Degrees North, Sarah D’Agrosa, said “We were thrilled at the talent and volume of the artwork submitted. We had such a wonderful variety of medium too: from felted boulders inspired by Northumbrian Neolithic rock carvings and hand stitched maps of the area, to intricate paintings of local fish species and manipulated photographs inspired by the folklore of strange creatures. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the artists involved and to everyone who came along.”

56 Degrees North are going strong, despite being a young endeavour; in fact the exhibition also marked their first birthday, they now provide affordable space for 7 artists. “The project is doing really well, we can’t believe how supportive the local community have been, we are always being told that 56 Degrees North is a benefit to Berwick and the local area”, says Sarah, “The artists themselves tell us how much they love having a space to create that has such a great atmosphere of artistic camaraderie.”

Jo adds “We still have spaces left, if anyone out wants their own studio. We also provide workshop space and are running a variety of popular workshops and events ourselves!”

56 Degrees North exists to support and inspire creative people in Berwick and the wider area by providing an affordable workspace. They also run workshops, groups and events- often for free. Find them on Facebook or email 56degreesnorth for more information