Swinton and Ladykirk tidy up

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Swinton and Ladykirk Community Council have been announced as the winners of the 2013 Keep Berwickshire Tidy Award.

Foulden Mordington and Lamberton were second and Hutton and Paxton third.

Berwickshire Civic Society has been running the awards for over 30 years with the aim of encouraging communities to take pride in their local environment and protect and enhance their communities.

The Awards are judged in line with the Berwickshire Community Council boundaries. and for the first time Lauderdale was included in the judging being part of the old county of Berwickshire.

In towns and villages judges examined the cleanliness of streets and public places such as public parks, outside village halls, telephone boxes, bus stops and war memorials.

In country areas each judge looked for general maintenance of road verges against litter and fly -tipping.

An overall mark was given for the general impression of the area and its tidiness both within towns and villages and surrounding roads.

A Society spokesman said, “We would like to thank the Community Councils for their continued support of this Award. However the over-riding comment of almost all the judges was increased roadside litter, especially on main roads.”

The award will be presented at the Berwickshire Civic Society’s AGM in the autumn.