Swinton and Ladykirk Community Council


THE following planning applications were discussed: Extensions to previous consent for the erection of a boundary fence on land to rear of Greenview Garage, Swinton.

Providing rights of access to adjoining properties are observed members have no objections. The erection of a wind turbine 42m high to tip on land south east of Swinton Quarter Farmhouse.

The majority felt that this was too large a turbine which would have a considerable visual impact on the surrounding area.

In the circumstance the community council will be lodging an objection to this application.

Regional Forum

COUNCILLOR Moffat advised that the first meeting of the new Berwickshire Area Regional Forum will take place on Thursday, December 6, at 6.30pm.

However, prior to that, a meeting had been called so that a representative from each community council, as well as all the six Berwickshire Councillors, could meet and discuss the way forward.


MRS L. Blythe and Mrs M. Reid have both tendered their resignation from the community council with immediate effect.Both these unconnected resignations came as a complete surprise to the members present but after hearing their reasons for resigning were accepted.

Both Mrs Reid, who has been a community councillor for many years, and Mrs Blythe were thanked for their contributions to the community council and were extended best wishes for the future.

In view of the fact there are now only five community councillors, with vacancies for two at Swinton and two at Ladykirk, it was agreed to ask for any interested parties to get in touch.

Swinton school

NEW play equipment had, with the help of a Funds for All Lottery Grant, been installed at Swinton School. It is understood that this equipment is available for use by all children in the area. It has also been reported that there have been instances of vandalism at Swinton School.