Swanning about at Paxton

Swan installation arrives at Paxton House
Swan installation arrives at Paxton House

Paxton House is hosting an installation by Kenny Hunter, ‘The Singing of Swans’, as part of the Generation Art project to mark 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland.

The installation sees a giant Black Swan situated at the back of Paxton House overlooking the River Tweed.

A deer, Like Water in Water, is, for the first time, installed in a pond so that water flows from a wound in its shoulder, as the artist originally intended. Kenny Hunter makes sculptures in many materials including wood, plastic, iron and bronze. He says that he remains fascinated by the processes involved in making sculpture in the studio as well as the power that they have to transform materials in order to express his complex and vivid ideas on historical time.

It is in this context that he used the ‘black swan’, which until its discovery in Australia was a synonym for an impossibility.