SWAN NOTES: It’s been a busy weekend at the Rollo Centre

The injured adult woodpecker.
The injured adult woodpecker.

Among this week’s casualties were a tiny herring gull chick that had come off a roof and a young crow with a limp and poor feathers.

Before we could finish the treatment another crow had been brought in, swiftly followed by a woodpecker fledgling. This bird had flown into the window. We only kept the bird for 24 hours as it made a swift recovery. It was then collected by the finder who returned it to his garden.

Then a little fledgling was found lying at the edge of the road and then another herring gull had been found in the car park at Asda with a very bloody wing. The lady that found it had boxed it and brought it down to the Rollo Centre.

We are always very grateful to people that can bring things in to us as we have very few volunteers able to do the collecting. Sadly this poor gull was in such a bad state with a smashed wing that we could only put the bird to sleep but it did mean it did not have to suffer any longer.

On Sunday in came another woodpecker. This one was an adult but it had been attacked by a crow when it was on a nut feeder. The bird has a very bruised wing and has lost a few feathers. Woodpeckers like to cling to trees and they feed on grubs in the bark so when we keep them in for a while we use a sturdy log and push meaty food into the bark. We drop mealworms down in the cracks. Hopefully this little bird will recover. It just needs time for the bruising to go.