Swan Notes

One of the injured tawny owls in its cage.
One of the injured tawny owls in its cage.

My first job this week is to thank everyone who helped us with the Christmas Fayre last Saturday. With so many other fundraising events on the same day we were worried we would do well.

Thank you to everyone helping and visiting, we made a grand total of £1,001.70 - certainly far more than we expected!

There certainly is not going to be a quiet time this winter. We have 30 hedgehogs in our care, some are in the cooling room as they are big enough to hibernate but they need to cool slowly. A few are already asleep in their outside quarters. Six more hogs are in the cool room huts. These are hogs large enough to hibernate but not yet asleep. The outside hogs have to be checked every day and food and water topped up.

We also have two tawny owls in, both have eye problems after either flying into something or something hitting them. We were worried about one of them as it was not eating but it managed two chicks so hopefully it will continue enjoying its food. Both birds were under weight so we want to keep their food intake up. Only time will tell whether their eyes will improve.

I must thank the person who donated the pressure washers to make cleaning time a bit shorter in the mornings. We really do appreciate it. Also for the bowls and dishes this kind lady donated. We are very lucky with our volunteers and supporters to help us. It is our volunteer Christmas lunch next week and it will be nice for us to get together.