Swan Notes

This week the vet came and took off the dressing from the big swan brought in with horrendous wounds to its wing. We think the bird may have struck power lines some time before.

The skin on the lower wing was completely destroyed and the remaining flesh was badly infected. The only option for the swan was to amputate the damaged part of the wing immediately.

Fortunately the vet was able to do the operation the next day. The swan is a big bird and was very bad tempered which made him difficult to deal with since he needed injections of antibiotics and oral painkiller daily. Kay has several large bruises to show for it. Dick usually helps her to subdue the bird for its treatment. To be fair the bird must have suffered greatly with his injuries, in fact when you see the things some animals suffer with it is amazing they survive at all.

As soon as the vet removed the dressing he was allowed on the pond which he had to himself. He certainly enjoyed the water after being kept in the dry since his operation over two weeks before. We certainly hope it will improve his temper.

He was joined in the pond later by a cygnet brought in from Eyemouth. The bird was being beaten up by his parents for some unexplained reason. He carries his neck a little too far over his back and is unsteady on his feet which may be due to the stress he would have been under. We will give hom time to get over his trauma and to make sure there is nothing else wrong with him.