SWAN notes

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THE first item this week is some additional information to add to last week’s jottings. The swan that was on the Chirnside road was in fact moved off the road by Ian Hunter from Chirnside.

This rescue had been reported on Radio Borders but I had not heard it. This is why when Dick arrived on the scene after the bird’s location was reported to us by a passing motorist the bird was safely off the road. Many thanks Ian.

This just shows how caring people can be when they see a bird in danger. Kay encountered the exact opposite of this when driving across the by-pass bridge. A swan was in the road so she stopped her car put on hazard lights and approached the bird. Other traffic had stopped and the bird was at the edge of the road when a lorry came along. The driver made no attempt to avoid the bird although there was plenty of room. He hit the bird which although Kay took it straight up died in her car on the way to the vet. This incident upset both Kay and the other drivers who had stopped to help the poor bird.

There is more bad news this week as the two swans we had in have both had to be put to sleep. We get really depressed when this happens.

Yesterday we had a call about a swan with a possible broken wing on the causeway at Holy Island. Kay and I went to check it out, unfortunately the tide had turned and although we could see the swan we could not get to it. So we arranged to meet with Dick on Monday morning and go find it. We searched the whole of the causeway it was nowhere near where we located it on Sunday. We decided to head back to the mainland to check there when Dick spotted our bird, right in the middle of the marsh and with a nasty broken wing. It was lucky there were three of us. Kay and Dick had wellies - mine were back at the shed, so I kept to the road, no problem that, but I could see the other two were having difficulty staying upright in the heavy mud. Kay managed to get round the back of the swan and we headed it towards the roadway, after a few minutes Dick was able to catch it. Sadly the wing was broken with bones exposed close to the shoulder so there was no hope of saving the bird. Euthanasia was the only option.

As soon as we got to the shed there was another call from Eyemouth about a poorly swan on the slipway. It was very dirty and looked as though it had been beaten up. She has been brought in for a bit of warmth and general TLC. He then checked the swan at the golf club and found it fine. It may have a bit of arthritis in one leg but is coping o.k. At least one bit of good news!

We took in yet another hedgehog this week bringing the total to 27, I think. Our washing machine is permanently going. The shed looks a bit like a laundry some days.

We also have a lovely Tawny Owl in who had an argument with a car which has left him with some facial paralysis which we hope will improve.


Contact HQ on (01289) 302882 or visit www.swan-trust.org.