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I had a very pleasant job to do the Saturday before Christmas when I phoned the winner of the first prize in our Christmas Raffle, Harris Wood. I could not speak to the named person on the ticket as he was only 14 months old!! He is obviously quite talented at picking winning tickets although it was his grandmother who paid for them, I guess.

Debra took the rocking horse out of the shop window where it had been on display and we replaced it with a lovely poster of a hedgehog with a note showing a total of cash received £373.00. This will help so much to help cover the costs of keeping the hogs we have at the shed. There are 24 in with us at the moment and they will be with us until March or April, depending on the weather, so there is still quite a lot of feeding and cleaning to be done. We have several ladies who call at the shed each week with tins of dog food and bags of mealworms and a look at the hedgehogs as they are being cleaned out we are very grateful for their ongoing support.

I am digressing so back to the rocking horse – Dick carried it out to the car and we delivered it to Harris’ Grandmother, who was thrilled for him as he has recently been in hospital having treatment for a kidney condition so this will be a nice extra Christmas present for him, after such a difficult time. I think the horse will be a little big for him yet but he should grow into it. I was especially pleased that it was won for a child.

We have no telephone number for the winner of the second prize the knitted Post Box and Snowman so the ticket is at the Wool Shop. The name on the ticket was Heather Laidlaw so she has a surprise waiting for her when she calls at the shop.

All the ‘patients’ at the shed are going on o.k. I think the swans will be glad they have a calm pond in their pen rather than be on the racing river. We took another in on Saturday which has a sore leg which may have been caused by a collision with debris dragged downstream. Someone is on call all through the holiday season and our volunteers have all done their share of the holiday cover so we are very grateful to them. We have another two people who have joined our motley crew, Jenny and Harvey are starting next week and will get fitted for their sweat shirts and tee shirts and learn the best way to use a shovel!!! I hope they still turn up if they read this.

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.


Should you find an animal in need of our services, or if you need any advice please phone H.Q. on (01289) 302882. We are happy to help. Please visit our website at www.swan-trust.org to find how to email us about non-urgent matters and easy ways to support or join us. Donations can be sent (cheques payable to B.S.W.T.) to the Treasurer, Derek Roughton, Yew Tree Cottage, Branton, Alnwick NE66 4LW.

The Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust is a registered charity in England No. 1064805.