SWAN notes

Firstly this week I need to clarify what Barrie wrote in his last column about a Tawny Owlet being brought in and there being no-one there who was able to house the bird. One of our volunteers had arranged to meet the person bringing in the bird but they got to the shed first and since there was a committee meeting at the time they got the full-on treatment. It was unfortunate that the five other ‘hands on’ members of the committee for one reason or another were not able to attend which left Barrie. John who is very good and very available arrived soon after but Barrie had caged the bird already. Some members of the public have asked me if there is only one person capable of taking in birds. ALL our volunteers are trained to handle and house birds and the public should have no worries about bringing any bird or animal to us as we ARE able to cope.

When we held our Open Day I was hoping there would be a good few orphan birds in for people to see but as is usually the way they began to arrive as soon as we had closed the doors! The Grand Total for the day was £362.00 so thank you to all who helped.

On the very evening of that Sunday the first little Tawny Owlet arrived. Since then we have taken in six more although one sadly died almost as soon as it came in. The smallest one is still having to have his food cut up so is not sharing an aviary with the other five who are all doing very well indeed.

Our Barn Owls have both been released and the last of our hedgehogs are also away. The Turtle Dove is gaining flying strength in an aviary and will be going very soon.

The remaining Ducklings are all doing well after we lost several due to an infection but after treatment with antibiotics the rest have grown well.

We now have an evening shift going in to feed and clean as there are so many cages and pens so it is a really busy time. Its nice when there is plenty to do at the shed and its good fun when there is a little group working together. Poor Graham last Friday had to do the outside cleaning in the pouring rain as Jackie has had her big toe nails removed and could not get her feet wet; she did the paperwork instead. We did give Graham a cup of coffee and a towel when he’d finished!

At the moment we can’t have a picture printed with these notes but hopefully when the paper changes format we shall be able to illustrate our notes.


Should you find an animal in need of our services, or if you need advice please phone HQ on (01289) 302882. You can also e-mail via www.swan-trust.org. We are also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/swantrust.If you would like to donate to the Trustor to become a member contact Derek Roughton (01665) 578365.