Surge in school weapons revealed

TEN pupils were found in possession of offensive weapons in the region’s schools in the last full academic year, it has been revealed.

And that was more than double the grim haul confiscated during the previous year.

“We take this issue very seriously and note these figures,” said a spokesman for Scottish Borders Council last week.

The figures were revealed in a response to a Freedom of Information (FoI) enquiry posted on the council website.

The request sought details of the numbers of primary and secondary students found in possession of offensive weapons for the five years up to the last full scholastic year (2010/11).

The council confirms that three weapons were found in 2006/07, one weapon was removed from a primary pupil in 2007/08 and one was taken from a secondary student in 2008/09.

But in 2009/10 the figure rose to four – three secondary and one primary – and last year it rocketed to 10: six in high schools and four in primaries.

Scottish Borders Council also revealed an inventory of the weapons.

In secondary schools, the arsenal comprised three knives, five ball bearing (BB) guns, one rock, one wooden stick, one scriber and one weapon described as “improvised”.

Weapons confiscated in primary schools were three knives, one hammer, one screwdriver, one pen knife and one craft knife.

The response does not give information on where and when the incidents occurred, any injuries inflicted or details of any sanctions or punishment taken against the weapon-carrying pupils.