Sun shines on top class exhibitsat Westruther Flower Show

A WELCOME day of sunshine on Saturday contributed to a successful Flower Show and Sports Day at Westruther.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 24th August 2011, 2:13 pm

Entries in the Flower Show’s vegetable section appeared hit by this summer’s weather, but all other categories were well supported, with an excellent entry this year from Westruther Primary School art classes.

Judges for this year’s show were Ivor Jones from Lauder for vbegetables, flowers and floral art, and Diane Mackay and Marilyn Collin from Duns judging other classes, with all three judges collaborating on the children’s entries.

The committee thank the judges very much for their hard work, especially the ladies, who worked their way through 15 chocolate cakes!

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Thanks also go to the Westruther SWRI committee members who worked hard to make the day a success, as well as to Mark Conington and his team who ran the children’s sports with great enthusiasm.

The show was officially opened by local resident Philip Jones, who included in his opening speech topical advice on composting and recycling, before presenting the prizes.

Westruther SWRI President Angela Jewell thanked Philip for opening the show, and Aaron Mitchell presented Philip with a small gift in thanks.

Cup winners were as follows: Naismith Cup (vegetables)- Callum Wilson; Elliot Cup (Flowers)- Grace Donaldson; Floral Art Cup- Kath Runciman; Floral Art Shield (runner-up): Kate Hankey; Joanna Wilson Cup (Junior Section) joint winners - Jasmine Peters and Ethan Wilson; Forrest Cup (Teenage)- Annie McDonagh; Redpath Cup (Jams & Jellies)- Gillian Brown; Mae Young Cup (Miscellaneous)- Rebecca Fraser; President’s cup (Baking)- Catherine Peters; Handicraft Cup (Handicrafts)- Kath Runciman; Community Cup (floating cup – Handicrafts)- Kath Runciman; Westruther SWRI Members’ Cup (Most Points in Show): Kate Hankey and Tapestry for runner-up Sandra Fullerton; Westruther Perpetual Cup (SWRI member most points in year): Kate Hankey; Bessie Green Memorial Salver (Best Exhibit in Show)- Kate Hankey – Vase of mixed garden flowers; Westruther Jubilee Cup (Sports)- Kirsty Stevenson.

Special awards were also made in each section. These went to:- Vegetables: Green veg – Kate Hankey (marrow); Root veg – Mark Conington (four potatoes, white, round).

Flowers- Kate Hankey (one rose). Floral Art- Kate Hankey (Vase of mixed garden flowers).

Junior Section- Ethan Wilson (Flower collage p4-p7); Teenage Section- Annie McDonagh (Fruit salad).

Jams & Jellies- Gillian Brown (lemon curd); Miscellaneous- Amanda Hamilton (Sloe Gin); Baking- Catherine Peters (Gingerbread); Handicrafts- Jo Conington (Novelty knitted article).