Sun prompts change of date for annual plant sale at Eyemouth High School

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THe spell of warm weather we’ve been experiencing has forced Eyemouth High School pupils to bring the date of their annual plant sale forward as the flowers were maturing too fast in the sunshine.

Horticulture students at the school have been working hard over the winter to prepare the summer bedding plants for their sale.

However, this year they have encountered an unusual problem. The lovely hot weather has meant that the plants were growing a lot quicker than expected and despite being moved into the cooler polytunnels some were coming into flower too early.

So the plant sale has been moved forward two weeks to Wednesday, May 11, meaning the pupils are having to work flat out to make sure that all the young plants are ready for sale and have been hardened off since there is still a risk of nighttime frosts.

The range of plants available this year includes summer plants for displays in hanging baskets and boxes, such as trailing lobelia, geraniums and petunias. There are also masses of summer bedding plants such as dahlias, fuchsias and pansies and a range of perennials and vegetable seedlings.

They are excellent quality, and great value! The sale will take place from 6-8pm.