Successful Civic Week at Coldstream

SIR, - May I, through your columns, express my sincere thanks to the people of Castrum.

The 2011 Presenting Coldstream Civic Week is now over, but not a distant memory.

The weather is the one thing we cannot control, and unfortunately we had a wee bit rain, but it did not dampen our spirits.

We had a new committee this year, and they have worked tirelessly to make our week the success it was.

At some events we were a bit short on helpers, but every one who was asked if they could help did so without hesitation. That’s Castrum folk for you!

Our three principals did a sterling job in what is a very tiring week. I have had so many compliments about our Streamer this week, especially from the more mature citizens of Castrum.

Despite the wet weather, Flodden Day was a great success. There are many things that make the Thursday a fantastic day: The cheering and waving crowds on the High Street, the Coldstream Guards always provide that bit extra colour. the rideout itself, well planned and marshalled by the Coldstream Riders Association, the charge up Branxton Hill, the Flodden Oration, which this year was expertly delivered by Ian Galloway from Selkirk.

Friday night’s firework display was spectacular. “The best ever” was a comment I had. Wull Common and his team, along with Paul Sergeant, did a great job.

The Pipe Band as usual were at their best, always very smart and entertaining. The Police, again with a difficult job to do at times, were very diplomatic and supportive. Thanks also to SBC for their continued and valued support.

There are too many people to thank individually. It’s a big week in Castrum and you all deserve a BIG thank you for all your participation, financial support and help.


Coldstreamer 1976,

Chairman Presenting Coldstream Association.