Success for Ian at Duns Onion Club Show

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IAN Archibald was the top exhibitor at Duns Onion Club’s annual show this year winning no less than four trophies including the overall championship.

Trophy winners were as follows: Dryburgh Cup for best stand - Ian Archibald; Middlemas Cup for 12 inch class - Phiol Gillie; Deuchar Cup for Strap of Six - Alex Young; Feeney Award for s8ingle quality - Bruce Lindsay; Gillies Snr Award for quality pair - Ian Archibald; Blaikie Cup for largest circumference - Bruce Lindsay; Petloie Shield for heaviest onion - Alex Young; Brack Cup for best onion in show - Alex Young; Best imporver - Ian Archibald; Best opposite winner - Ian Turnbull; Renton Cup for most points in show - Ian Archibald; Onions sets - Davie Foreman; Novelty Class - Andrew Mackie.

Results were: 1. I. Archibald, 2. A. Young, 3. I. Turnbull, 4. G. Duncan, 5. B. Lindsay, 6. L. Bates, 7. P. Gillie, 8. W. Meins, 9. D. Kellet, 10. G. Robertson, 1. I. Drummond, 12. K. Renton, 13. D. Foreman, 14. I. Mackie, 15. M. Reed, 16. S. Brydon, 17. I. Middlemas, 18. R. Burnett, 19. G. Dunn, 20. D. Burns, 21. W. Blaikie, 22. J. Cameron.