Success for Eyemouth High language course

Eyemouth High School
Eyemouth High School

It’s the Hiymooth lassies and lads at the focus of the Scots Language course at Eyemouth High School.

Scots Language is now a recognised qualification in Scotland. The course has only been introduced by three Secondary Schools in Scotland for the academic year beginning in August 2014 including Eyemouth High.

Mrs Daley (Teacher of English and Scots) and S4 have been awfy busy blethering Scots and working towards the SQA Scots Language Award. Staff and students are chuffed at the awarded recognition to the school for the work and enthusiasm put into this new initiative.

But it’s no just classroom conversations where the Scots talking takes place. Students are bringing the newly learnt words into their homes and talking with their parents and grandparents in the use of Scots Language that they have learnt with Mrs Daley. So whether it’s talking about lugs or oxters, Hiymouth High School is the place to be!

Commentators in the Times Educational Supplement in January 2015 stated that “it was difficult to predict the long-term future of Scots in an era of global communication”. But, later in the article it suggests that Scots Language will find its way through the wee cracks and thrive in Scotland and across the globe.

The Editorial Team and myself wish to congratulate Mrs Daley and the S4 students on their award winning Scots. Och aye the noo, let’s get tae the canteen for Haggis, Neeps and Tatties... aye? Whae’s comin?

Please keep up to date with the High School’s Scots Language course online.