Study backs proposal for new station at Reston

The potential for a new train station at Reston in Berwickshire is a step closer. Picture by Zoltan Simonffy
The potential for a new train station at Reston in Berwickshire is a step closer. Picture by Zoltan Simonffy
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A study into rail services between Edinburgh and Berwick has found that there is a strong economic case for a new train station at Reston.

The report published on Tuesday concludes that a station at Reston would be key to the regeneration and sustainability of east Berwickshire.

The authors also make a strong case for the re-opening of a station at East Linton and recommend the introduction of a new local service between Berwick and Edinburgh.

The findings have been welcomed by local politicians and campaigners alike.

The consultancy firm appointed to conduct the analysis looked into a number of factors in its examination of a revised service between Berwick and the capital.

The findings are supported by figures showing that east Berwickshire is lagging behind the rest of the Borders in terms of household income and wages.

The reports finds that the area will suffer a further relative competitive disadvantage with the re-opening of the Borders Railway, while the central Borders should receive a significant boost.

Interestingly, the authors, who acknowledge that existing transport links between Berwickshire and Edinburgh are poor, touch on the idea of a station at Burnmouth, suggesting that with better bus links to Eyemouth it would make for a stronger economic case. But they suggest that the scope to improve bus links between Reston and other Berwickshire settlements would negate this advantage to some extent.

Thrilled at the report’s recommendations, RAGES’ vice chair Barrie Forrest said: “We feel like we’ve been banging our heads against a brick wall for years so we’re absolutely delighted.

“When a station first came to Reston, well before my time, it brought real prosperity to the area and I’m confident that could happen again.

John Lamont MSP added: “For me, this report simply emphasises what has been clear for many years now – that the train station at Reston needs to be reopened.”

The final say on the matter will be had by Transport Minister Keith Brown.