Strange light in sky at night: is it a UFO or just ‘space junk’ ?

BERWICKSHIRE has seen an influx of mysterious visitors in the past week, with several residents reporting UFO-like objects.

John Robson of Coldstream called ‘The Berwickshire’ to share his recent brush with the unknown.

“I was just walking my dog up to Coldstream Mains Farm,” he said. “This was on Thursday night, at about 8.45. It’s a dark lane there, and suddenly I saw this bright light, so I thought that there must be a car behind me with its headlights on, but there wasn’t.”

Looking about him, John, 71, saw what he described as a large orb in the sky. It was, he says, a very distinctive, shining lime green colour.

“It was so high up that it was able to disappear in half a second, flat.

“It was going at a hell of a lick. And it didn’t make a noise, either, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a plane. It just went off at such a pace, headed northwards.”

John remembers that the mysterious craft also changed colour before it left him.

“It went from a lime green to almost completely white,” he said.

Asked if he had ever seen anything like this before, John replied: “Not around here. But then, I don’t think we can be the only kind of life in the universe, either.”

John, a former Tweeddale Press photographer in Selkirk, said that he planned to take the dog for a walk again the following night - and take a camera along this time, just in case.

“I’ve been chatting with some of my neighbours,” he went on, “and they put my mind at ease a bit, because they said they saw something like this too, at around the same time.

“It’s funny when you think about it - if I had been five minutes earlier or later, it might not have been noticed at all.”

Several drivers in the Duns area also reported odd lights in the sky last week, with some claiming the ‘UFOs’ were simply coloured lights set up around Marchmont House for the Berwickshire Hunt Ball.

Others, like Karin Graham on the Berwickshire’s Facebook page, explain the sightings as part of the northern lights, the effects of which can sometimes be seen in southern Scotland and even northern England when the atmospheric conditions are right.

And it has not just been Berwickshire skies that have been lit up this week.

Further south, there is a theory that such strange activity is being caused by ‘space junk’, parts of satellites humans have left in space.

Several Yorkshire residents claim to have seen a similarly coloured object flying through the sky, with some describing it as a ‘low-flying shooting star’.

Police in York have also tentatively attributed a mysterious large hole in a grass verge in the city to falling space debris.

NASA was warned in 2011 that the threat of falling space junk was at a critical level. There are currently around 13,000 ‘close calls’ tracked each week.