Storm damage repair costs

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Four major storms that hit the region during the winter caused widespread damage to roads, walls, bridges and river embankments.

Scottish Borders Council has identified 300 individual repairs needed to the region’s infrastructure on top of the major flooding damage caused in Hawick, Peebles and Jedburgh. To date £1.6 million of repairs have been completed - about 45 per cent of the programme drawn up - and the rest should be completed by the end of the June.

The exception to this remains bridge and major embankment repair works as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) will only allow major river works on the Tweed system to take place between May and September.

The type of work repairs are: permanent patching and overlay screeds; stabilisation works to embankments; road edge repairs; blocked and damaged culverts; clearing offlets, and structures including walls, bridges and flood banks.

Removal of gravel to manage the effects of erosion on river banking and its structures has been mooted but council officials concluded that “without sufficient evidence or investigation the removal of gravel at one location could have an adverse effect at another location”.

Dredging was also considered but again the conclusion was that “evidence indicates that it does not work on large rivers moving at pace, such as many of the Borders rivers”.